BOOK TOUR: Sentenced by Andrew Hawke & Victoria Oak

I’m so excited to be part of the Blog Tour with LiterallyPR for Sentenced by Andrew Hawke and Victoria Hawke – a dual narrative memoir of an unlikely friendship after a chance encounter.


This true story follows the remarkable and unlikely friendship that develops between two strangers – a London housewife bringing up four children and a British prisoner incarcerated in Thailand.

As they begin to exchange letters, each tells a personal story of being sentenced – Vicky in a desperate and loveless marriage; Andy within the walls of one of the world’s most notorious prisons.

What unfolds is a moving tale about entrapment and freedom, love and friendship, and the human capacity to withstand and overcome immense pain and suffering in the face of adversity.

An interesting and insightful read that draws attention straight from the start. The chance encounter of Andy and Vicky meeting via Vicky’s daughter starts a wonderful and life-long friendship that develops through writing letters to each other over seven-years.

The dual narrative memoir showcases the parallels of each other’s lives, whilst also highlighting the similarities too. The letter writing is such an authentic and engaging way to hear both of their stories and find out more about their lives and you really feel their friendship grow throughout the book.

This is such a powerful and brave memoir which images that further allow you to gain an insight into their lives. Through sharing major life experiences and thoughts, Vicky and Andy created a fascinating bond like no other and it’s so interesting to see it come to life in the book.

If you’re a fan of memoirs, then this is a great choice with its unique story-telling and fascinating narration that gets you hooked.

Sentenced on Amazon

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